He primary purposes of the Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Education are to improve nursing education and to stimulate the development of nursing science. We welcome manuscripts prepared in accordance with these purposes.
The Journal will accept original articles, reviews, reports, and insightful descriptions. Each manuscript will undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review. Final decisions about publication will be made by the editorial committee.
Authors should be members of the Japan Academy of Nursing Education with the exception of manuscripts requested by the Academy.


Original Article

Relationship between Chief Teachers’ Leadership and General Teachers’ Morale in Nursing

Ryuko Sekine
J Jpn Acad Nurs Ed 2007; 17(2): 1-10

Research Report

TLearning Effects of Classes Using Animation Characters -Methods of promoting imaging of child and subsequent learning

Emi Nakamura
J Jpn Acad Nurs Ed 2007; 17(2): 11-20

Investigation of “Nursing Records” in Basic Nursing Education

Sachiko Fukui, Yasuko Okushi, Atuyo Koyama, Keiko Ishinabe
J Jpn Acad Nurs Ed 2007; 17(2):21-30

Educational Needs of Advanced Nurses for Clinical Nursing Research : Certified Expert Nurses, Certified Nurse Specialists, and Nursing in Charge of Staff Development at Hospitals

Ayumi Kono, Mami Kayama, Misuzu F. Gregg
J Jpn Acad Nurs Ed 2007; 17(2): 31-40

Presidential Lecture

The Use of e-Learning in Nursing Education – Nursing Skill Teaching by Utilizing e-Learning and Experiential Learning –

Miyako Oike
J Jpn Acad Nurs Ed 2007; 17(2): 41-44